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Good Cocktails Shouldn't Be Complicated

 experience Utah’s first canned cocktail company!

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Premium Cocktails

Stop by your local liquor store & enjoy anywhere!


Our Story

At Simplicity Cocktails, our passion is to make exceptional, ready-to-drink cocktails. We’ve done the “tough part”: years of traveling to distilleries around the world, countless hours of research, and yes, some extensive sampling, to create simply the best canned cocktails.

From the trail, to the slopes, to your friend’s backyard BBQ, sip the beverages you love and leave your bar-shelf at home. We hope you enjoy the product of our work and obsession - cheers!


Our cocktails

Made with premium spirits, discerningly sourced ingredients, and a level of perfectionism verging on obsession, our lineup will upend your expectations of pre-mixed cocktails.

Knock back a crisp Gin & Tonic, or a light and refreshing Vodka Soda, both with just the right touch of lime. Or try our indulgent and delightfully carbonated Cadillac Margarita, or Moscow Mule with a cunningly subtle bite of ginger. Whatever your flavor, relax and experience Simplicity.


our brand IS Simplicity

Because good cocktails shouldn’t be complicated.

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